Holmes Podcasts to go head to head in the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

28 Sep

The match-ups in The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate are getting fascinating, with the two leading Sherlock Holmes podcasts – I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere and The Baker Street Babes lining up on opposite sides of the debate.

As we announced a few days ago, ‘The Babes’ will be supporting BBC’s Sherlock and now ‘The Lads (as it were) from I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, Scott and Burt, will be contributing to the Guy Ritchie films. They have a secret weapon too – they have interviewed an adviser to the films on their podcast so have lots of material to work with.

This also gives us a fun ‘Babes vs Lads’ perspective which should be interesting. The Babes are lining up a series of authors for interviews ahead of the debate, as are Scott and Burt.

Whereas The Babes are relatively new to the scene, I Hear Of Sherlock Everywhere is the longest standing Holmes podcast and currently on episode 35. They have interviewed a host of leading Holmes figures over the years and the podcast is also available via iTunes. They have a great website and a growing following on their Facebook Page.


Please remember the debate is supporting two important causes – Save Undershaw and BAFTA for Jeremy Brett – please check out their sites and join their pages on Facebook (Undershaw Trust on Facebook).


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One response to “Holmes Podcasts to go head to head in the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate

  1. James

    October 5, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    The author is, in some respects, manufacturing a conflict between two fascinating, entertaining, but very different podcasts. As IHOSE has been around since 2007, It’s only natural that Scott and Burt cover the Ritchie film, the first major cinematic Holmes treatment in years. The Babes on the other hand are British-based and their podcast seems to have started in response to the BBC’s “Sherlock”. Scott and Burt are members of the Baker Street Irregulars and have deep knowledge of the worlds of the BSI, Higher Criticism, Doyle, and Holmes in the media (check out episode 26’s interview with Fritz Weaver, who played Holmes in the musical “Baker Street”). The shows are never dry, but full of wit and humor.
    The Babes passion for Sherlock Holmes seems to have been stoked by the BBC’s “Sherlock”, and come at the subject of Holmes and Watson with fangirl gusto. While past generations may have had Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett as their youthful image of Sherlock Holmes, from the Babes and their guests I learned about the huge impact Disney’s “The Great Mouse Detective” on the current crop of Holmes fans. The Baker Street Babes attack Sherlockania from a different angle than IHOSE, but there is plenty for the dedicated Sherlockian to learn. Episode 3’s interview with Trudi from the Baker Street Supper Club provided a lot of fascinating information on Victorian England. The Babes have quite a bit of fun with their subjects and are obviously enjoying themselves. Episode 6’s interview with Lyndsay Faye, author of “Dust & Shadow”, is both deep and irreverent.
    IHOSE and BSB have dedicated time on their shows to the Undershaw Preservation Trust.
    This isn’t Lestrade and Gregson competing to see who can solve the Drebber/Stangerson murders first. I Hear Of Sherlock Everywhere and the Baker Street Babes complement each other and show just how wide the Sherlockian world is.



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