The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate – Two Huge Participant Announcements

23 Sep

It’s day 4 since The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate was announced (10th November – BBC’s Sherlock vs Guy Ritchie’s movies) and we are attracting some extremely exciting participants. We are in talks with a Hollywood film director’s agent who wants to join the movies team – as soon as we have that finalised we’ll be able to reveal who it is – with dozens of films under his belt he’s a legend, but as you can imagine his diary is a nightmare to schedule. Hope to have news this evening on that.

We can however announce today a real coup. The BBC team will be joined by The Baker Street Babes. With a huge female following, the Babes have thousands of fans of their blog and a large subscriber list to their Holmes podcast (search for Baker Street Babes on iTunes). Don’t be fooled by the provocative name, this is a group of extreme Holmes fans that know the canon inside out. They’ll be interviewing several of the participants for their blog ahead of the debate so its a good time to subscribe to their podcast.

The Facebook Great Debate page continues to grow – you’ve a couple of weeks to ‘like’ the page before we release the audience tickets on Facebook – there will be around 80 free tickets that will come with some Sherlock Holmes goodies for all participants.

Please remember the debate is supporting two important causes – Save Undershaw and BAFTA for Jeremy Brett – please check out their sites and join their pages on Facebook (Undershaw Trust on Facebook).


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