Wilkinson wins 6th British Archery Title Using Sports Performance Secrets

05 Jun

Jackie Wilkinson won her 6th British Archery title last week and she revealed that she used her sports performance techniques to beat some very tough competition. Jackie documented her techniques, which can be applied to all sports, in her book ‘Succeed In Sport’.

In an interview a few years ago, Jackie admitted that before she used sports performance monitoring she was “just an average archer”. By applying the techniques, which enable you to track and improve your performance, she went on to win several titles including European medals.

Jackie said of her record 6th win:

I thought the course at Petersfield was difficult but the one they laid on at Castle Wellan was international level severity!  Some people complained that it was too hard but many of us loved the challenge.  I had a lead of 10 points on the first day but the second placed lady started strongly the following day.  I had to draw on all the work I’ve been doing to stay strong and keep making good shots.

Thousands of archers around the world use Jackie’s performance measurement techniques to improve their shooting. The techniques can be applied to most sports and the book has a wide variety of sports in it including golf, cycling, badminton, karate, running and many others.

Suceed In Sport is available from good bookstores worldwide and also in Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books and iBooks (iPad/iPhone) formats.

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