Disabled lady with Arthrogryposis attempts to be first wheelchair bound person to tackle the bobsleigh

26 Mar

Ruth Merry was born disabled with Arthrogryposis and has spent her life in a wheelchair. An avid swimmer and skier Ruth’s dream, was to one day tackle the Bobsleigh. She knew of course that it was impossible and not only did you have to be able bodied, but physically fit as well. No way someone with a disability like hers could attempt that – or was there?

A chance joke with a friend at work suggesting that instead of organising sponsored runs and swims, something more exciting could be organised and her friend decided to contact all the bobsleigh tracks in the world

This is the incredible true story of how a chance comment to a friend led to the olympic Bobsleigh track in Innsbruck in Austria. This story is told from two perspectives – Ruth as the disabled traveller and her friend Steve who made the trip with her. Fascinating and worrying insights into the challenges facing those in wheelchairs. This thought provoking and heartwarming story shows how the human spirit can overcome the incredible odds.

The book also includes the amazing story of Amar Latif the blind person that won the Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year Award and founded the travel company Traveleyes.



The book is available with free delivery worldwide from Book Depository and all other good bookstores across the UK and USA.

All royalties from the book are paid to the UK’s leading mobility disability charity Leonard Cheshire Disability.


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2 responses to “Disabled lady with Arthrogryposis attempts to be first wheelchair bound person to tackle the bobsleigh

  1. Louis Poirier

    March 26, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Actually there are disabled bobsleigh programs in both Park City and Calgary.


    • mxpublishing

      March 28, 2010 at 2:38 pm

      That’s fantastic that more of the tracks are working towards making the bobsleigh inclusive.



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