Reinforcing Positive Behaviour In Children (inc ADD, ADHD)

15 Feb

Having seen the extremely positive results back from addressing the literacy problems that many children with ADD and ADHD have, (Seeing Spells Achieving is the UK’s No.1 NLP book for communicative disorders) we are always looking for complimentary solutions. We were very impressed to see at a recent education show that advancements are being made in positive reinforcement for children.

One pioneer in the field is Victoria Ballard who has won a regional excellence award for her praise and encouragement charts. A leading education spokesperson said:

“There are many ways to reinforce positive behaviour. Reward charts, when used properly, are an effective, tangible tool, which parents can use to help their children develop into happy, healthy, well-rounded individuals. Simple, effective reward charts, can help parents feel positive about their abilities as parents, as well as providing a simple framework that children can use to aid positive development. The Encourage & Praise™ generic charts alongside the bespoke charts produced to address specific issues provide a variety of tools to facilitate positive reinforcement in a wide range of situations. The flexibility within each chart enables each family to customise their charts to suit their own needs, thus increasing motivation to use the chart and improving the outcome. The Encourage & Praise™ charts are second to none and, in my view, it is their total flexibility along with the fact that there are different charts for children at different stages of development that makes them such valuable tools for encouraging positive development.”

The charts are simple and engaging and we’ve added a range of them to our online bookstore alongside our literacy and bedwetting books.

Credit Chart for Boys

Credit Chart for Boys

Credit Chart for Girls

Credit Chart for Girls

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