The Author and The Brand

30 Jan

With over thirty authors in our stable we have a real mix of the academic, the businessperson, the philanthropist and the storyteller. In a decade that will be dominated by online (only one large physical bookstore chain left now in the UK following the demise of Borders) there has never been a greater opportunity for the author to use their book as a marketing tool – for their own name as brand or their company brand.

There is much talk about ‘the author being the brand’ and there is a lot of truth in that though there is plenty of opportunity for those authors whose book represents a business tool to focus on the business brand as well as their own personal brand. Lets look at some examples.

Sue Ostler’s brand is ‘Flirt Diva‘ and her book is quickly becoming the training manual of choice of single women in the UK and beyond to tackle the challenging modern dating world. Sue links in with related activities to enhance and drive her brand – Hen Parties that include a flirting masterclass, Speed-Dating Evenings with her as the guru star guest and much more.

Alistair Duncan’s brand is himself. With two successful Sherlock Holmes books under his belt (Eliminate The Impossible and Close To Holmes) and a third being launched on the 1st March (The Norwood Author) Alistair is becoming established as a rising star in the Sherlockian and Doylean worlds. He’s building the brand with his Alistair Duncan Blog and Alistair Duncan Twitter account. Wherever his Sherlockian advertures take him he is building a credible brand underpinned by his books and supplemented by the social activity.

Olive Hickmott has several brands, one of which Empowering Health tackles health related NLP issues. Olive has two books in the field – Recover Your Energy and You Too Can Do Health and in addition to Olive’s Twitter Account and various blogs Olive is also a regular speaker at conferences and contributor to magazines and journals – in the autumn edition of Amoena Magazine for example where Olive feeds in to helping cancer sufferers who are ‘running on empty’.

So whether you are growing your personal brand or your company brand let your books contribute to and lend vital credibility to it.

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