In The Night In The Dark reviewed by A Ghostly Company

30 Dec

In the Winter 2011 edition of A Ghostly Company Newsletter, Helen Kemp joins in the praise for the new (including some classics) ghost story collection from Roger Johnson.

Roger Johnson is delighted with Paul Finch’s gratifyingly generous comments on one of his uncollected stories. You’ll find them, along with a perceptively positive review of Helen Grant’s ‘Grauer Hans’, at Paul Finch’s Blog Spurred by this, and by the apparently constant creativity of his contemporaries, Roger has finally gathered all his own better material together, including the complete ‘Tales from the Endeavour’ that were published a decade ago by Sarob, as A Ghostly Crew – now long out of print. In the Night – In the Dark: Tales of Ghosts and Less Welcome Visitors is published by MX Publishing.

I very much enjoyed (re-)reading the review copy, and I would be failing to show my gratitude if I did not urge anyone who does not have A Ghostly Crew to obtain In the Night at once. The stories from A Ghostly Crew are largely superb examples of Jamesiana, with terrible things happening to (moderately) harmless people in delightfully elegant prose.

I have tried to pick out my favourites from this section, but I might as well just list the Contents and be done with it. The other stories in this volume fall into a group I would call Lovecraft-related, and another I would call a mixed bag. I like the Lovecraft stories very much, and the mixed bag has some interesting items too, but there is no denying I would very much have liked to hear more from A Ghostly Crew! How about it, Roger?

In The Night, In The Dark is available through all good bookstores including Amazon UK,and Amazon USA,

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